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Catch basins are installed in parking lots to provide adequate and correct drainage of water off of the surface. Because water is a prime factor in the deterioration of asphalt and concrete, catch basins are often the first areas of a parking lot to fail.

A typical catch basin is constructed of a concrete cone, reducer top, riser rings, and a steel frame and grate. Over time, asphalt will shrink from around the catch basin frames, and water will often seep into that void before it has a chance to drain into the catch basin. In winter, as the runoff is mixed with highly corrosive parking lot salt, there is an even greater chance for the concrete to deteriorate. The freeze/thaw cycles we have in Wisconsin further accelerate the deterioration process. If catch basins are left unrepaired, the asphalt in the surrounding area will further deteriorate and cave in because of base erosion and asphalt and concrete failure.

The proper repair of the catch basin will increase the useful life of the parking lot. More importantly, personal liability and vehicle damage will be eliminated.


  • Assess the condition of catch basin.
  • Saw cut and remove asphalt.
  • Remove damaged concrete rings.
  • Install new concrete and/or rubber riser rings.
  • Backfill and compact.
  • Install hot mix asphalt to repaired area

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