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Asphalt Crack Repair Prevents More Costly Repairs

Sunlight (oxidation), rain, and freeze/thaw cycles along with vehicle traffic all contribute to the depletion of asphalt oils, which causes asphalt to shrink, become brittle, and ultimately crack. With proper and routine asphalt maintenance, the life of the asphalt will be significantly increased.  Our asphalt contractors will help identify the most cost-effective, preventative maintenance or asphalt repair that  you need.

Water is the #1 nemesis of asphalt. When cracks develop in the asphalt surface, the most important preventative maintenance is the correct sealing of the cracks. This will stop the water from infiltrating the cracks and eroding the asphalt sub-base as well as prevent additional damage from the freeze/thaw cycles we experience in northeast Wisconsin. When cracks are not sealed, they always grow up to be potholes! That's when repairs get costly and huge liability issues are created. Valley Sealcoat can help prevent pothole repair with the proper technique of crack sealing.

To maintain quality asphalt, we ensure the right repair the first time

** Cracks which are routed prior to asphalt sealing perform up to three times longer than cracks which are not routed.

** The most expensive aspect of crack sealing is sealing the same crack again and again and again. If it is not done right the first time, it can never be done right in the future.

** GAP Mastic is an economical and versatile asphalt-based, hot-pour solution for wide cracks.


  • 24 HP carbide tipped pavement routers. Don't be confused by some asphalt paving contractors who use a 2 HP wire wheel crack cleaner, calling it a router. That is not remotely the same type of equipment and will not provide the same end result.
  • A propane fired 3000° 120psi air torch (this is the jet engine on a stick).
  • Double walled, oil jacketed, temperature controlled, sealant melter. This ensures the routs are sealed at the correct temperature and pressure as specified by the manufacturer.


  • Routing: Cracks are routed at a 2:1 ratio (width to depth) to create an optimal reservoir for material flexibility and side wall integrity. This ratio is preferred and recommended by sealant manufacturers.
  • Preparation: Dust and loose debris are removed and routs are dried by a heat lance (think of a jet engine on a stick) to provide for superior adhesion of the crack sealing material.
  • Sealing: Routs are pressure sealed and overbanded with hot rubberized sealant. All of our sealants meet or exceed state and federal specifications.

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