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Since 1977, Valley Sealcoat, Inc., located in Appleton, Wisconsin, has been recognized as the premiere full service commercial and municipal asphalt maintenance contractor throughout northeast Wisconsin and Upper Michigan. Commercial asphalt services include: Sealcoating, Cracksealing, Infrared Patching, Catch Basin Repair, RePLAY® Asphalt Restoration, Paving, as well as Parking Lot Striping.

In addition, we have over 35 years of experience in various methods of restoration, repair and color coating of Tennis Courts, Outdoor Basketball Courts and Running Tracks.

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Infrared Patching

Infrared Patching

Infrared technology heats the surface, softening the asphalt without burning. The use of infrared patching is a less disruptive and a more cost effective repair for cracked areas and potholes.


Sunlight (oxidation), rain, and freeze/thaw cycles along with vehicle traffic all contribute to the depletion of asphalt oils, which causes asphalt to shrink, become brittle, and ultimately crack.


RePLAY is a patented solution that extends the life of new and existing asphalt surfaces and is proven to reverse the oxidation process and maintain the skid resistance of your paved surface.


The correct and consistent application of coal tar sealer on the surface will prevent further damage, dramatically increasing the life and curb appeal of your asphalt.
Catch Basin Repairs

Catch Basin Repairs

Catch basins are installed in parking lots to provide adequate and correct drainage of water off of the surface. Catch basins are often the first areas of a parking lot to fail.
Tennis Courts

Tennis Courts

The best constructed tennis courts, basketball courts and running tracks will offer many years of serviceable use, but must be properly maintained with a regular maintenance plan.
GAP Mastic

GAP Mastic

GAP Mastic is hot-applied polymer modified asphalt mixed with engineered aggregates and modifiers to fill wide cracks and defects to prevent water infiltration and restore quality.
Asphalt Paving

Asphalt Paving

When installing an asphalt driveway or parking lot, it is important to hire a professional asphalt contractor. Valley Sealcoat has over 40 years of repairing asphalt driveways and parking lots.
Additional Asphalt Services

Additional Services

Parking Lot Signage, Parking Lot Striping / Stencils, Car Stops, Parking Lot Sweeping, Parking Lot Maintenance Plans, Asphalt Consulting and more.

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of experienced professionals
Shawn Walter President In February 2014 the business was sold to Shawn and Michelle Walter from Bill and Pat Kramer, who had owned the company since 2001. Shawn, the president of the company, has worked his way through every position.Learn More
Tom Morrow Project Manager With well over 20 years in the asphalt maintenance industry, Tom holds the position as Project Manager of our asphalt maintenance division. Tom spent many years working with the various crews.Learn More
Ron Zirpel Project Manager Ron joined Valley Sealcoat in 2016. He brought with him over 20 years in the asphalt maintenance and paving industry. By working with his clients, Ron likes to assist them in their decision making.Learn More
Corey Dalimonte Field Crew Leader In 2006 Corey joined our company as a field crew leader. Over the years he was a crew leader for all of the various tasks we perform which allowed him to fully understand the all of the aspects of our field work.Learn More
Karen Zempel Office Coordinator Karen is our office coordinator. In addition to answering the phone and responding to emails, Karen types up our customer quotes and enters orders for scheduling along with many other tasks.Learn More
Amy Wilber Office Manager Amy joined our team in June 2019. She brings with her over 10 years of office management experience, along with a diverse background in various construction trades. Amy provides administrative support for our sales team.Learn More
Crews All of our crews are thoroughly trained and understand that only through providing our customers with excellent work will the company be able to continue to grow and maintain a quality reputation.Learn More

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