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Sealcoating Preserves Your Asphalt Investment

Once asphalt is installed, it almost immediately begins to deteriorate. Oxidation, moisture penetration, gas and oil spills along with the effects of ultraviolet rays all play a part in damaging asphalt. Asphalt sealcoating is applied to asphalt-based pavements providing a layer of protection from the above elements. The correct and consistent application of coal tar sealer on the surface will prevent further damage, dramatically increasing the life and curb appeal of your asphalt. You have a considerable monetary investment in asphalt, which needs consistent and routine asphalt maintenance to realize its full life expectancy.

100% Coal Tar Sealer

For over a decade Valley Sealcoat has been designated the exclusive distributor/applicator of Brewer Coat 100% coal tar sealer for Northeast Wisconsin. The Brewer Company has long been recognized as the premier manufacturer of coal tar sealers for the asphalt paving industry. Their reputation for quality, innovation and product consistency helps us to provide the best asphalt sealer, creating an exceptional finished product to our customers.

100% coal tar sealer is the preferred product in the harsh climate in which we live, providing greater durability and longer life (often times double) vs. blended and asphalt-based sealers used by many asphalt sealing companies and asphalt contractors. Coal tar sealer will always be more resistant to water, gas, oil and other chemicals because of its chemical makeup versus other types of sealers. Sand and latex modifiers are added to our sealer to produce a non-slip surface and greater durability.

Routine asphalt sealing produces long lasting, quality asphalt

When to Sealcoat

  • The year after the asphalt has been installed.
  • When asphalt has faded from original black color.
  • When aggregate in asphalt is being exposed.
  • When sand begins to collect in curbing areas.


  • Fills surface voids.
  • Prevents damaging water penetration and UV ray oxidation.
  • Protects from gas and oil drips which deteriorates pavement.
  • Costs pennies per square foot versus dollars per square foot to replace.
  • Easier to maintain. Snow and ice melt faster, and sweeping is easier on a smooth surface.
  • Sealing provides a dark surface, and the pavement looks and wears like new asphalt. Sealing helps project a positive image of your company, complex or home.


  • Thoroughly deep clean the asphalt surface with high powered blowers and wire brooms. This is more than just dusting off loose debris. Without this proper cleaning, the sealer will not adhere to the asphalt.
  • Application of Brewer Coat 100% Coal Tar sealer to surface as specified.
  • Restripe or provide new layout per owner’s request.

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